Play Wild Viking Table game, classic land based casino action

Back in my university days, I played this game with my friends Ted and Leo. Not so much a game as a test of our empathic/psychic abilities, this time-killer had simple rules: One of us picked the card while the others attempted to guess its identity. We’d consider a “miss” a bit less egregious if the guesser selected the correct rank, suit or even color. It was quite a lot of fun and – why, yes, marijuana was involved; why do you ask…?

Great story and everything, but what is the Wild Viking table game?

play wild vikings table game at your favorite casinoThe Wild Viking table game is a fantastic casino curiosity which enjoyed a boomlet in popularity for a few years in the late 2000s and remains available at a few online casinos. Unfortunately, Wild Viking is essentially extinct in land-based casinos as well. Too bad; for my money, it beats roulette any time.

Best described as roulette with cards, the Wild Viking is a pure game of chance; betting is done in like fashion to wagering on roulette in the ways you’d suspect: Betting on the card the virtual dealer will draw from a deck of 54 (the standard 52 plus black joker and red joker), the player puts chips on red or black; odd or even; rank; rank from among 2-5, 2-7, 6-9, 8-K or 10-K; and/or individual cards themselves. All of these bets pay out more or less proportionally to the odds of occurrence, i.e. winning bets on red/black pay 1:1, while hitting the exact card usually pays 35:1.

Some versions of the Wild Viking casino game also include a hint of video poker. You see, the AI dealer actually draws five cards, with only the last paying out on bets. However, the player may wager on a certain poker hand being drawn.

What are my odds in this “Wild Viking” video poker?

Good question. The typical Wild Viking paytable will look something like so:

Four of a kind: 250 to 1
Full House: 150 to 1
Flush: 90 to 1
Straight: 45 to 1
Three of a kind: 9 to 1
Two pair: 6 to 1

Now if those payouts seem rather top heavy to you, you’re not alone. Unlike video poker games, Wild Viking rewards the player mightily on good five-card hands. While landing two pair on a draw of five cards with two jokers gets odds of a little less than 10 to 1, landing a flush from the 54-card deck is less right around 50 to 1.

Betting on the poker hand isn’t particularly advised; four our money, that’s way too much of a longshot to be wild viking card game for real money playthrowing bankroll at. Besides, dudes like Ted and Leo would scoff at the lack of sublimity in such a proposition bet. On the other hand, some versions of Wild Viking pay out a progressive jackpot on a royal flush; on these games, yeah, you’ll be making a token extra bet.

What do Vikings have to do with Wild Viking?

I have absolutely no clue whatsoever.