Incredible Viking Technology you didn’t know existed!

ancient viking technology and great slots onlineVikings are the people who existed between the 8th to late 11th century and were found living across the northern, eastern, and even central European locations. They traded openly among their fellow Scandinavian neighbors and spoke the Old Norse language. In this article, we will discuss the incredible Viking technology you didn't know existed. The Vikings who’ve stood up over time to become the world's greatest explorers, were also very good at navigational aids were responsible for inventing the use of sunstones and sun compasses. The sun compass was a tool compromised of a gnomon and available light.

The gnomon is a portable circular wooden sundial and a peg in the middle. The Vikings were able to determine the latitude of the position they were in as a result of the gnomon casting shadows onto the wooden disc. Comparing our modern compass to their sun compass, their time was very accurate (with just an error of 4 degrees) to the margin of the latitude that was identified. When on land, they would carve crystals which they had collected from Iceland into large square blocks. These crystals, also known as sunstones, in conjunction with a compass, were designed to be held just above the sun compass and rotated slowly while they were on the sea until it could catch the sunlight at times when the sun was rising or setting. They would then be able to establish a reference point and plot the ships direction through the night.

Hot heads full with bright ideas from our Viking ancestors

They could start fires anytime and anywhere using unique method combining urine and a special tree bark fungus that is soaked for two or three days. This concoction is then squeezed dry and pounded until the material resembles a damp fiber. Instead of burning, the sodium nitrate that’s found in urine makes the material smolder with no open flame and this made it possible for Vikings to carry fire with them. As the greatest explorers of the world, they also invented boats and ships that they used to travel across the world with.

The boats had one long row of oar at each side, a shallow draft hull and were constructed from wood. With their love of boats, it was a great honor for any Viking to own a finely built sea craft. They also believed in burying their warriors in these boats, as the boats (in effect) would help the dead to arrive their final destinations when burned in the burial ceremony.

Vikings also invented skis more than 6000 years ago, but some will argue that ancient Russians have their version too. This was enjoyed by the Norsemen as a dual purpose since they could travel easier using skis, yet has a rather enjoyable recreational quality after the fact. Stranger than you might imagine, Vikings were the first to make fashionable spectacles from iron and flat crystal slabs that were crafted in Sweden. These were more of a fashion accessory than anything since Vikings were well known for wearing jewelery as a sign of wealth and affluence in their community.