Real money and free online for a wild Viking Runecraft slot

play viking runecraft online slot game no registrationIf ever were a slots game with bonus rounds huge and glorious enough to bear the Viking name, the Viking Runecraft slot machine is it. Everything about this slot pushed the envelope of traditional 5-reel slots for an exciting and refreshing take on modern online casino games. 

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Indeed: Viking Runecraft may be called a 7-reel slot – although we’re not actually playing with reels per se in this game – as it’s played on a 7 x 7 grid, as opposed to more typical 5x3 and 5x4 formats.  As we’ve just implied, however, Viking Runecraft is a cascade game, meaning that combinations will be paid in clusters of symbols connected horizontally or vertically, and the winning symbol combinations are subsequently eliminated to be replaced by fresh symbols – and hopefully more wins.

What are the symbols in the Viking Runecraft slot?

Viking Runecraft contains 13 symbols, which may essentially be categorized in three groups: the lower-paying symbols are five runic characters; higher paying than these are the fairly mundane tools of the Viking’s trade including battle axes, hammer, helmet and necklace (yeah, well); and finally a quartet of gods who many all be called special symbols.

Who are the Viking gods in this game?

viking runecraft slot game from developer playn go Thor, Odin, Freya and Heimdall (this latter the watchman of Ragnarok) have all come to play in the Viking Runecraft slots game. These god icons are added to the reels one at a time. When a winning combination involving Thor is hit, the Odin symbol is added, and so on.

What is the “Charge of Destruction”?

A meter on the side of the game board tracks the number of wins the player has hit. Once the meter has been filled, one of four bonus will be triggered.

What are these bonus rounds?

Ready for a hyper quick lesson on Norse mythology, slots-style? Here gose. The “Fury of Fernri” feature eliminates quite a few symbols from the board and fills them with like symbols for massive payouts. The Judgement of Jörmungand, one symbol in each of the “reels” is replaced with a like symbol for at least one instant payline win and probably further cascade-style wins.

In the Lure of Loki (you knew the trickster had to be in here) feature, one symbol is removed from the reels. A second randomly chosen symbol is replaced with another. Lots of wins ensue. Finally, the Scorching of Surtr (we thought Viking lands were cold) means at least three symbols are “burned” away and replaced by new symbols.

The second time the meter is filled, the player enters the Ragnarok Bonus Round, which is free spins plus bonus multipliers and more special symbols added to the reels.

The point here: Lots of plundering is possible in the interesting and innovative Viking Runecraft slots game.