Free play with Hercules Son of Zeus slot by Pragmatic

hercules themed slot games for real money play with no downloadReady for a compelling, exciting slots game about Greek mythology which promises huge jackpot payouts and exciting bonus features? Well, to be honest, you might look beyond the Hercule Son of Zeus slots game. Hell (or Hades or the Underworld, if you like) if we know. As the 21st century marches on, the institutionalized fascination with ancient mythologies seems ever more bizarre. Often told are the tales of Greek and Roman gods and seemingly increasingly frequently those of Viking and Egyptian deities. And if the conquistadors had not so thoroughly destroyed Mesoamerican cultures in the 16th century, mightn’t schoolkids be taught Aztec and Incan lore?

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Why are stories of ancient myth still so interesting?

enjoy hercules son of zeus online slot machineYet, aside from the occasional animated film or box office bomb, these mythologies fail to capture the imagination like the modern myths of, likesay, superheroes and galaxy-spanning starship captains. We’d wager that few very few North Americans and Western Europeans clamor for more stories about Apollo and whatnot. The interesting exception? Slot machines, of course. To this sub-genre may we add the Hercules Son of Zeus slot.

What is Hercules Son of Zeus about?

For backstory, the Hercules Son of Zeus slots game is themed on the old “Labors of Hercules” stories featuring the superhuman tasks that our mythological hero must undertake.

In terms of gameplay, the Hercules Son of Zeus slot has a 5x4 gameboard 50 paylines. You’ll be paying for all those paylines, however, fixed as they are. The very flaky-looking Hercules (What the hell is that thing on his head?) is naturally the highest-paying symbol.

The symbol marked WILD is the wild; imagine that. The oversized and quite ugly Zeus medallion is the scatter: This appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, i.e. the middle three, only. Landing three on a spin awards the player with a scanty eight free spins.

How much can be wagered on Hercules Son of Zeus?

The minimum wager in Hercules Son of Zeus is 50¢, in the traditional penny slots fashion – as though one had a choice to bet less. Max bet would be $250.

What’s the jackpot payout?hercules son of zeus slot with no deposit or download

If playing at max coinage, a $40,000 payout may be won in the Hercules Son of Zeus slots game. Otherwise, the top single-spin jackpot win in this Hercules slot would be 800x the payline bet. These payouts are won when five Flaky Hercules symbols land on one of the 50 paylines.

How about a brief Hercules Son of Zeus slot game review?

Okay, here goes: Folks, there just isn’t much here. No bonus multipliers anywhere, no video bonus round and a max payout of just 800x? IN addition, it’s hard to believe this game was released after, likesay, 2009 in terms of free spins. Seriously, *eight* free spins only with, again, no bonus multiplier? Not to mention no retriggering of free spins nor bonus features in said free spins round? And of course there’s absolutely no retriggering going on, either.

We’re not sure whether the casino game software developers behind Hercules Son of Zeus felt safe enough in the popularity of the Hercules myth as well as this imaginary fanbase’s depth of knowledge

Can I play the Hercules Son of Zeus slot for free play or real money?

You can do both, and you can do both right here! For either option, just choose the game you’d like to play – whether it’s Hercules Son of Zeus or something completely different – click on it and you’ll be given the option. Choose your choice and you’re playing in seconds!