Always a Welcome Bonus for real money play slots online

welcome bonus for registering for our online casinosThere aren't too many players who don't enjoy a big bonus every once in a while, and when it is offered just for signing up to a casino, its even better. As the competition for real money online slots heats up, online casinos are climbing all over themselves to sign-up more players, and are willing to offer some great bonus deals.  

The welcome bonus is usually given when you have registered with a proper payment method and have deposited money into your casino account.  You can't just register and take the money as the welcome bonus can only be used towards your real money play. With that being said, the welcome bonus can give you some nice added cash to use in the casino. Many times the bonus is an amount which matches your deposit 100%. So if you deposit $500, the casino will give you another $500 to bet with, giving you a grand total of $1,000!

welcome bonus for signing up to online casino slots

Do all casinos offer the same welcome bonus for registering?

No they don't and that is what makes them so attractive to new players. As mentioned above, the competition is fierce withing the online casino industry which in the long-run benefits the players. The bonus offers are varied, but they all usually focus on a predetermined fixed dollar amount for your deposit, a specified percentage for your initial and following deposits, and sometimes free spins, which are always welcome. Maybe if you look around you might see something out of the ordinary, but for the most part they do follow the same basic format.enjoy the bonus for just registering at our partner casinos

Also, there are matching bonuses for the second, third and fourth deposit, although the percentage depends on the amount, and the rules of the casino. Before you register with any of our partner casinos, be sure to check what type of bonuses the offer, as they are sometimes very different. Either way, its a great opportunity to get started on your real money play and start to win some cash and have fun. 

Is there more than just a welcome bonus or is that the extent of it?

The welcome bonus is just the start of the bonuses and rewards, as all the good stuff comes after you register. Just as in the land-based casinos, or even something as ubiquitous as the airline membership miles programs, the more money you spend the more benefits you will be offered. There are even membership levels which coincide with your level of play and offer better rewards as you climb the membership ladder. The goal of the casinos is to keep you playing on their site and to do what they can to make you happy and satisfied.

Just as with the land-based casinos and all that goes with being a high-stakes player (Whale), online casinos reward their “whales” as well. Its even easier to become a “whale” with an online casino as the amount you have to spend, is much lower than with their land-based cousins. At this level of play, there is a lot which the online casino can offer their high-rollers and I'm confident that not all of it is listed on the site. For more benefits and rewards, contact the online casino directly as you will have substantial leverage in what benefits you would need to play.

Can I join more than one online casino?

bonus for slots when online registration for signing up Yes, you can join as many casinos as you'd like, but you don't want to join too many as it will dilute your points. In other words, if you have a total of 100,000 points with one casino, you will get the benefits of being a “high-roller”, but if you're a member of 5 casinos and those points are spread out to each casino at 20,000 points a piece, you will not see the level of benefits and rewards as having just one casino. Its a bit of a cat and mouse came in trying to figure out the best use of points, but there are plenty of opportunities to receive rewards and benefits