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Who knew the Vikings were so creative?Vikings slot machines free play games

It happens to be a known fact that the Vikings were a fierce bunch, but when it comes to online gaming, everything gets so much more personal. One of the key points we want to make possible is that you learn just as much as the Vikings did when it comes to playing for fun. Our goal isn’t just to make sure that you get the best out of your gaming experience, but also learn a bit about the Vikings at the same time. Now you might not know that Vikings are very much part of our Latvian history, so we intend to connect our unique twist of history so you can connect with us even further. Our staff of creative writers mix plenty of humor with obscure facts that most people haven’t heard a million times before. When it comes to the balance between engaging articles and free viking themed slot games, we think this mixture goes hand in hand. What better reason why than to take a closer look at our leading creative team members.

Gustavs Jurevics is our Chief Editor

Just as the name implies, our chief editor has an incredible sounding Viking type name already. While Gustav isn’t exactly an ancient pirate warrior, he is a stickler for grammar and can ‘sniff-out’ those golden gaffe’s from a far. He earned the name “Hawkeye” because his skills are finely tuned to spot the smallest of flaws that might not get spotted otherwise. Earning a Masters degree in management, he’s also an avid reader. It’s his responsibility to ensure that all the content you find here is factual, informative and as entertaining as possible. Not only does he sport excellent writing skills, much of his interest about online gaming has always included Viking-like themes. Before it goes online, Gustavs always has the final read-through before it ever gets posted.

Kate Dzintars is the Guide Section Manager

As you might have guessed, Kate is one of our favorite players among the team. Her experience in online gaming has given her valuable skills for finding the newest and latest slot games with a selective Viking feel to them. Needless to say, when it comes to sectional content- her work entails the kind of detailed information and advice helps you to sharpen your gaming skills. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, more often than not the tips you find here can improve your gaming skills.

Haralds Manigs is our Lead News Writer

His name says it all since he doesn’t look like a Viking at all. Sounding more like that one ‘Ghostbuster’, is a real jolly joker among this deck of cards. Haralds is the one person in the Viking team who never seems to worry much. It has to be the nature of the work since it needs to be as relaxed as possible in order to be creative. He’s working from a collective core group of online writers, and helps supply content about upcoming casino games and various articles peppered all throughout this site.

Nothing but Vikings, Vikings, and more Vikings!

Here at Vikings Slots, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. Writing online gaming content requires a lot of research, and much like a Viking Raid -isn’t for the fainthearted... To be able to compare and analyze information that’s sure of its’ content often takes several steps to produce. Once the articles survive the scrutiny of our chief editor, they finally are posted online.

Who are your favorite Vikings? We want to know.

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